Saturday, April 17, 2010

Welcome to Chick and a Chop

I went to a bike show last year and saw this Honda CB750 and fell in love with it. I told my husband thats what I want for a custom bike. Of course I thought, I'll never get that, this is a picture of it.

Our friend Mike @ traded a guitar and a pair of car ramps for this Honda CB750. (He stored this bike in our garage).

Shortly after that he got his dream bike of a 1973 Iron Head Sportster.(which has turned out to be a pain in the ass for him). Anyway, he decided to give me this 1969 CB 750. I was all excited, now I can custom make my own chop, I mean my husband Dave and Mike can make me my chop I want. They had already taken the bike apart before he gave it to me. I mean literally taken the bike apart, pieces everywhere. So I am actually working on it. I cleaned the girder and the rims first. Thanks to Beaker I used Evapo - Rust to get the rust off the girder.

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