Thursday, May 6, 2010

My husband Dave and our friend Mike decided to use paint remover on this tank, it was a little cold out and instead or removing the paint, it froze. What a nice mess it was. Dave did a lot of the dirty work getting this harden stuff off before I started to use the grinding wheel to get the paint off.

After a few weeks of bondo, sanding, bondo, sanding, sanding some more, I finally was able to put a coat of primer paint on. Then of course I had to do some more sanding, glazing, sanding, sanding, glazing, is this ever gonna end??. Finally after my husband said I was too picky, I stopped glazing and finally put black paint on the tank. Then I started wet sanding, painting, wet sanding, painting, is this ever gonna end, and now I'm down to the clear coat. It still needs a few more coats of clear then it will get a waxing, but this is where its at right now.

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  1. Good stuff! The tank looks great. I can't wait to see this finished. Keep up the good work!