Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekly Beauty

My pipes are 4 into 1 megaphone. They were kind of beat up and a little rusty so we decided to wrap them with black header wrap.

Sorry it's been a while, the guys have been working on everyones cars the past few months, last minute stuff before inspection, fixing gas leaks, mufflers, frames, motor mounts and everything else you can think of. Anyway my husband finished making and welding the hardtail and connected the backbone. It needs some final grinding and some filler, then will do a mock up.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weekly Beauty

We added 3" to the wishbone and then put the girder on to see how it lined up.

Then we adjusted the rake out about an extra 5 degrees to have the frame sit nice and even with the girder on.

Looks good. The backbone lines right up with the rear legs, now all we have to do is extend the upper legs and connect the dots.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

What is going on here, now my husband is working on our friend Bear's Go-Kart, progress on my bike is not moving fast enough. I wanted it finished yesterday already.
WTF - Our buddy Mike finally got his damn bike of the bench, now he's putting his shit up there. He's working on rebuilding the transmission for his bike-it blew up again. In the mean time my husband cut the neck off my bike to go up four inches, then he'll figure out the rake for the girder.

Monday, August 2, 2010

We then made a framed jig to hold the bike square while we figure out where the hard tail needs to go. We are going to determine the rake and how much we need to stretch the wish bone.
Finally, with the help of my husband I am actually working on my chop. Our good friend Mike disappeared after he couldn't get his damn bike running. It is still in my garage though. I think its' been about six weeks since he's been over. Anyway, my husband cut the tail end of the frame off, we are working on grinding down all the unnecessary tabs.

Monday, July 26, 2010

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!my husband finally got his bike off the table and put my frame up next. This frame will getting a hardtail added and the neck raked to keep it level and fit the girder. So hopefully there will be more updates to come soon.

Friday, June 11, 2010

While the guys have been messing around with their bikes I've been painting my engine and sanding my frame. I'm still working on the valve cover - I may send it out to get powder coated chrome.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Weekly Beauty

WTF - I've been battling with my husband Dave and our good friend Mike about putting my bike up on the bench. Well David's bike has been up there for a couple of weeks. He claims it's almost done just have to do wiring. He's been wiring for a couple of weeks now and it's still not done. We're driving home from our friends house one day and stop at a yard sale because David saw a bike. OMG. Anyway we stop and I listen through the window -five bucks, I'll take it he says. So they throw the mini bike in the back of the truck and off we go. Now my five year old son is telling me his bike is going on the bench next. He wins, we get home and his bike's on the other bench in the garage. Engine's out now another engines in. Tires and chain are ordered.

My son's loving it, he's helping out, so I can't argue.

Our poor friend Mike, he's been coming over twice a week since November working on his bike - we still can't get the damn thing running. It looks good though. He can't wait till my bike gets up on the bench, for some reason he want's me to feel his agony.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Weekly Beauty

I'm finally working on cleaning the engine. I really wanted the engine to be clean and shinny, but decided that would be too much work. I used some engine degreaser, wire brushes and used the air gun to blow out all the dirt. I decided to paint it in high temp gloss black. I haven't decided if I want to polish the edges of the fins. Here is a picture of the engine before cleaning.

It cleaned up nicely.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Weekly Beauty

My husband Dave and our friend Mike decided to use paint remover on this tank, it was a little cold out and instead or removing the paint, it froze. What a nice mess it was. Dave did a lot of the dirty work getting this harden stuff off before I started to use the grinding wheel to get the paint off.

After a few weeks of bondo, sanding, bondo, sanding, sanding some more, I finally was able to put a coat of primer paint on. Then of course I had to do some more sanding, glazing, sanding, sanding, glazing, is this ever gonna end??. Finally after my husband said I was too picky, I stopped glazing and finally put black paint on the tank. Then I started wet sanding, painting, wet sanding, painting, is this ever gonna end, and now I'm down to the clear coat. It still needs a few more coats of clear then it will get a waxing, but this is where its at right now.

Well, I didn't work on my bike this week. My husband and I have been trying to fix our friend Mike's damn bike. He can't seem to get it going. He's so frustrated he took a few nights off, so my husband and I cleaned the carburetors, adjusted the timing on the electronic ignition & adjusted the clutch. After a woman's touch, it started up and sounded awesome. Now the generator is not recharging the battery. The rest is up to him, I'm going back to my bike.

Monday, April 19, 2010

After a week or so of using steel wool and Evapo - Rust, the girder looks pretty good. I started working on the rims.

I'm really not to happy with the tires, the spokes are pretty pitted, and the hub is rusted. I did the best I could cleaning the chrome and decided to paint the hub black. I'm working on the gas tank and engine next.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Weekly Beauty

Welcome to Chick and a Chop

I went to a bike show last year and saw this Honda CB750 and fell in love with it. I told my husband thats what I want for a custom bike. Of course I thought, I'll never get that, this is a picture of it.

Our friend Mike @ traded a guitar and a pair of car ramps for this Honda CB750. (He stored this bike in our garage).

Shortly after that he got his dream bike of a 1973 Iron Head Sportster.(which has turned out to be a pain in the ass for him). Anyway, he decided to give me this 1969 CB 750. I was all excited, now I can custom make my own chop, I mean my husband Dave and Mike can make me my chop I want. They had already taken the bike apart before he gave it to me. I mean literally taken the bike apart, pieces everywhere. So I am actually working on it. I cleaned the girder and the rims first. Thanks to Beaker I used Evapo - Rust to get the rust off the girder.