Friday, June 11, 2010

While the guys have been messing around with their bikes I've been painting my engine and sanding my frame. I'm still working on the valve cover - I may send it out to get powder coated chrome.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Weekly Beauty

WTF - I've been battling with my husband Dave and our good friend Mike about putting my bike up on the bench. Well David's bike has been up there for a couple of weeks. He claims it's almost done just have to do wiring. He's been wiring for a couple of weeks now and it's still not done. We're driving home from our friends house one day and stop at a yard sale because David saw a bike. OMG. Anyway we stop and I listen through the window -five bucks, I'll take it he says. So they throw the mini bike in the back of the truck and off we go. Now my five year old son is telling me his bike is going on the bench next. He wins, we get home and his bike's on the other bench in the garage. Engine's out now another engines in. Tires and chain are ordered.

My son's loving it, he's helping out, so I can't argue.

Our poor friend Mike, he's been coming over twice a week since November working on his bike - we still can't get the damn thing running. It looks good though. He can't wait till my bike gets up on the bench, for some reason he want's me to feel his agony.